The continuing conflict in Ukraine is having a devastating impact on many lives, with repercussions felt around the world.

Employers will want to help their people as best they can during this troubling time. The CIPD has collated relevant resources on this page to help support employers and people professionals in this.


In response to the Ukraine conflict, Ireland, as part of the EU, is facilitating Ukrainian citizens and others fleeing Ukraine to move through the EU as EU citizens, and those arriving here will have access to a wide range of government supports. These supports include:


Once a person receives a permission letter confirming that they have been granted Temporary Protection under the EU Directive they are entitled to seek employment or self-employment and vocational training education activities in Ireland. We encourage employers to be open to employing those arriving from Ukraine, supporting them in how they access work, training or temporary work placements.

  • The Workplace Relations Commission has produced a guide for Ukrainian nationals working in Ireland, available in Ukrainian, Russian and English
  • SIPTU have also developed a guide to employment rights in Ireland available in both Ukrainian and English to assist refugees here.
  • The Department of Social Protection published letters in Russian, Ukrainian and English with important information about finding work in Ireland and what you should do when you start/are working.

Flexible working

Providing flexibility in how people can work will be critical, to give individuals space to care for family and adapt to living in Ireland:


This in an opportunity to put the spotlight on building inclusive working practices and acceptance of others:

Emotional support

These supports may be of value as you reach out to current employees who may be affected and to provide practical and emotional support to Ukrainian people:

Thought piece from CIPD UK 

From a leadership perspective, what have we learned through COVID-19 that can support us in current times:

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Now more than ever, we all recognise the importance of good health and wellbeing in today’s world and workplace. The CIPD is collating and publishing updated resources to support your response to mental health and wellbeing

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Workplace conflict

Some conflict can be positive, such as a healthy amount of competition between team members to reach goals. But negative conflict, like bullying or serious personality clashes, can harm individuals and undermine teamworking. This guide will help you proactively identify and manage conflict at work.

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Inclusion and diversity in the workplace

Promoting and supporting diversity in the workplace is an important aspect of good people management - it’s about valuing everyone in the organisation as an individual. However, to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce it’s vital to have an inclusive environment where everyone feels able to participate and achieve their potential.

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This factsheet looks at what recruitment and resourcing entails. It describes the stages of the recruitment process: defining the role, including job analysis and job description; attracting the applicants using both internal and external methods; managing the selection process; and, finally, making the appointment and employment offer.

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