Organisations must step up and help to stamp out prejudice, and build diverse and supportive cultures of respect and fairness for all. The CIPD continues to develop practical content to help people professionals tackle these challenges.

You will find all the relevant content on the Inclusion and Diversity and Race discrimination topic pages.


John Amaechi OBE, organisational psychologist and director of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, gives a keynote speech at the CIPD's Festival of Work, where he spoke about racism, the difficulties of working through a pandemic, and how a learning culture is key to finding solutions.

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FAQs on race at work


Members of the CIPD's race and ethnicity action group EmbRACE explain why it is important to have groups like it within organisations.

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Thought pieces on race at work


Video: John Amaechi OBE discusses the difference between being non-racist and anti-racist.

Video: Anti-racism campaigner Nova Reid talks passionately about how individuals have the power to change the world and ‘be revolutionary’.

Guide:  The Guide to Allyship is ‘an open source starter guide to help you become a more thoughtful and effective ally.’

Article: Layla F Saad, the author of ‘Me and White Supremacy’, compiles a short list of antiracist books with The Guardian.

Article:  Harvard Business Review’s essential reading list for confronting racism at work.

Article: A compilation of anti-racism resources for white people by writer Alyssa Klein and activist Sarah Sophie Flicker.

Illustration: This graph illustrates the journey to becoming antiracist in three stages.

Black history 

Video: A collection of BBC TV programmes exploring Black British narratives.


Video: American CEO Mellody Hobson, speaks openly about race and the importance of diversity in hiring

Article:  Harvard Business Review examines the findings from three studies that explore the impact of unconscious bias on diversity.

Impact of racism at work 

Video:  June Sarpong asks why black and minority ethnic job-seekers, and those from working-class backgrounds, are valued less than their white counterparts.

Video: People professional Shereen Daniels’ daily videos on her HR rewired TV YouTube channel, many of which are about race and the Black British experience.

Webinar: A webinar series by global consultancy Korn Ferry, looking at eradicating racism in the corporate world.

Article: Why UK business leaders need to focus on action not messages to improve fairness for black employees.

Article: Syreeta Allen, Head of Student Outcomes (King’s College London) lays bare the foundations for building racial justice at work and equality in the workplace.

Article:  People Management examines survey findings that BAME staff are forced to adopt faux identities to ‘fit in’ with the working culture.

Article:  Black entrepreneurs and business founders speak candidly about the barriers they have faced when navigating the business world.

Article:  Harvard Business Review presents an account of the ‘noxious and tenuous’ corporate environment that confronts black and minority ethnic employees.

Language and racism 

Article:  Language and terminology surrounding race can be complex, but to progress it is crucial we get it right, as explored in this article.

Article: The importance of challenging one's own definition of racism.

Article: Why individuals from varying backgrounds reject the term BAME.

Article: Harvard Business Review on how businesses must take action and be accountable when fighting racism within their organisations.

Article: International Education Director at the UK Department for Education Zamila Bunglawala, sheds light on the problem with using the terms BAME and BME.

Psychological impact of racism 

Guide: A parent’s guide to Black Lives Matter, including resources and activities to encourage healthy, open and honest discussion. 

Article: The psychological impact of experiencing and having to explain forms of racism.  

Racism in the UK 

Article: Business in the Community’s Race at Work: Black Voices Report reveals that black employees are still held back at work, despite having more ambition than their colleagues.  

Article: The findings of a CNN poll illuminate Britain’s big race divide.  

Article: Kehinde Andrews, Professor of Black Studies at Birmingham City University, suggests 20 positive ways to end racism in the UK

White advantage

Article: Essay by feminist and anti-racism activist Peggy McIntosh delving into the concept of white advantage

Video: An illustration of the definition of white advantage, setting out the factors that enable progression.