Remote work in Ireland

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation has released a new research paper for Future Jobs 2019 which places a focus on fostering participation in the labour force through flexible working solutions

The report explores where technology is used to work away from the employer’s premises on a regular basis, covering home working and hub-working.

According to a CSO survey in 2018, only 18% of respondents worked from home, mostly one or two days per week. Overall it is recognised as being on the increase, and much more prevalent in the private than in the public sector. The report addresses the influencing factors for both employees and employers. Flexibility and work life balance are important for employees while employers see its value as promoting employee well-being and attracting diverse talent.

However, the paper misses an opportunity to look more broadly at flexible working in Ireland, such as where employees have more control over when and how they work not just the location. The report ignores the restrictive impact of the organisation of working time legislation on how employees can work in Ireland.

The CIPD will publish insights on flexible working in our next HR practices in Ireland survey in early 2020.

Download the full report