Hybrid working case studies

We look at the experiences of three people professionals involved in implementing hybrid working in their organisations, and discuss the challenges, solutions and opportunities ahead

Matt Elliot image

Don’t underestimate how difficult coming back into the office will be for many people. We’ve seen the physical impact of COVID-19, but I don’t think we’ve seen the start yet of the mental wellbeing impact.

Matt Elliott

Chief People Officer, Bank of Ireland

Meera De Sa image

It's about being more aware and watching changes in behaviour. A lot of people don't put their cameras on during video meetings, so it's about making sure managers have one-to-ones with staff.

Meera De Sa

Head of HR, NEC Europe

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We've realised virtual networking is impossible. We've tried attending some of the online events but it's nothing like meeting someone over a coffee for a chat.

Alex Ritchie

Co-CEO, GlobalGiving UK

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We had to tread carefully by not just saying: 'Oh, isn't working from home great?', because it has been quite detrimental for some people's mental health. Everybody's situations are different.

Rachel Smith

Co-CEO, GlobalGiving UK

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