The revised arrangements builds on the package of reforms announced in April 2016, and will apply to students who sit the Leaving Certificate from 2017.

The number of grade bands were reduced from 14 to 8 to fairly reward scholastic achievement and to ease the pressure on students to achieve marginal gains in examinations.

The Common Points Scale has been altered to reflect the reduction in grade bands.

Points will be awarded for a H7 grade to reflect the level of achievement represented by a H7 and to encourage the take-up of higher level subjects. Bonus points for Higher Level Maths will still be awarded.

The information below will be helpful to those involved in the recruitment and management of post-leaving certificate employees understand the new points system. The CAO has produced a guide to the new points implications.

Below is a high level guide to the grading changes

New Leaving Certificate grading bands

Grade Bands
H1/O1 ≥90 and ≤100
H2/O2 ≥80 and <90
H3/O3 ≥70 and <80
H4/O4 ≥60 and <70
H5/O5 ≥50 and <60
H6/O6 ≥40 and <50
H7/O7 ≥30 and <40
H8/O8 ≥0 and <30

How pre 2017 Leaving Certificate grading and new Grade Scheme bands align

Pre-2017 Grade Scheme % marks (old scheme) % marks (new scheme) New Grade Scheme from 2017 (Higher/Ordinary)
A1 90-100 ≥90-100 H1/O1
A2 85<90 ≥80<90 H2/O2
B1 80<85
B2 75<80 ≥70<80 H3/O3
B3 70<75
C1 65<70 ≥60<70 H4/O4
C2 60<65
C3 55<60 ≥50<60 H5/O5
D1 50<55
D2 45<50 ≥40<50 H6/O6
D3 40<45
E 25<40 ≥30<40 H7/O7
F 10<25 0<30 H8/O8
NG 0<10

Practical guidance

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