In the UK, excluding Northern Ireland, organisations with 250 or more employees must report on their gender pay gap figures annually.

Many of the principles proposed for gender pay reporting in Ireland are along the lines of the UK approach, so you will find the guide a useful source for assessing and addressing your gender pay gap.

It is important for people professionals to put the figures into context for customers, employees and other stakeholders, and set out the action they plan to take to address the gap. Any gender pay gap is likely to reflect a combination of internal and external factors that need to be examined.

CIPD UK's  comprehensive guide explains what the gender pay gap is, what causes it, and why it needs to be tackled. It provides an overview of how the UK regulations work, which organisations they apply to, and how to report the figures. The guide sets out how to communicate a gender pay gap effectively to employees and the wider world, and plan actions to close it.

Download the guide and our supplementary guidance:

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