In June 2020, the CIPD and University of Sheffield produced a report and guide to support carers, with additional notes on supporting through the pandemic. With many vulnerable individuals still at risk one year on, both this practical guide and the associated report remain highly pertinent, and the CIPD encourages organisations to continue to be mindful of the additional stress on their employees who are caring.

Caring is an important part of being human. Carers keep families together, help those they care for to have a better quality of life, contribute immeasurably to society, and save the economy a substantial amount of money. While caring can be rewarding, it can also be stressful and isolating if carers don’t get the support they need – especially during a global pandemic like the coronavirus.

As such, this guide:

  • discusses what we mean by a ‘working carer’ in the first place
  • examines the impact of COVID-19 on working carers
  • considers the business, legal and moral reasons for care-friendly workplaces
  • outlines five ways to help you, as an employer, create a supportive workplace.

The recommendations and key takeaways within the guidance will help you to:

  1. develop and communicate a carer policy, framework or guidance

  2. introduce flexible working to support working carers

  3. provide carers’ leave (paid or unpaid) and be adaptable when carers need leave at short notice

  4. help line managers to empower carers.

  5. provide information and peer-to-peer support.

Download the guide

Download our concise guide for practical support to help you embed carer-friendly practices in the organisation.

To explore the research findings in depth, download the full research report, Supporting working carers, produced in collaboration with Sheffield University.