As we look to a future of work beyond the COVID-19 pandemic many organisations are looking to incorporate a growing desire amongst their employees to work in a hybrid manner. This will involve assessing roles to gauge how much remote working can continue in the future.

It’s important to remember that jobs can be time flexible, location flexible, or a mix of both. Most jobs are typically comprised of several types of activity which influence the type of flexibility that can be undertaken.

The balance of these activities can help you to consider whether a role can be hybrid and how much remote work can be undertaken:

  • Activities that are undertaken with other people, at the same time and at the same place. Such roles may not permit hybrid working, or only a minority of time spent working remotely.
  • Activities that are undertaken with other people at the same time, but this can be in person or remote. Such roles may be able to undertake some hybrid or remote working.
  • Activities that are largely independent and can be undertaken anywhere or at any time. These roles may permit a significant amount of remote working.
You can use our flowchart to work through assessing roles for hybrid and other flexible working opportunities.

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