Welcome to EBSCO Discovery Service for the CIPD. Here we will take you through the main features of the service so that you can make best use of this research tool.

Screen shot of the Publications finder

If you know the title of the journal/magazine that you want to access, enter the name in the Publication Finder search box and click on the search button. You can also search for journals that cover a particular subject by entering a keyword and browse the options returned in the search results. An A to Z list below the search box allows you to navigate through an alphabetical list of the publications in the CIPD’s collection of publications.

Screen shot of a full text jourmal link

To be taken to the journal, click on the + Full Text Access link to reveal the link to the database entry. When you click on the Business Source Corporate Plus link, this will open the journal entry in a new window.

Screen shot of Harvard Business Review journal index

When you are taken to the journal's index page you can either search within that publication or select the issue you want to access by navigating through the years and months.

Screen shot of Business Searching Interface

Clicking on this tab heading will take you through to the Business Searching Interface portal. This portal has a different interface to Discovery Service and will open up in a new window. In this portal you can access: Company Information, Company Profiles, Industry Profiles, and Market Research Reports through direct links from the landing page beneath the Search box.

Screen shot of Business Search Interface publications list

Clicking on the Publications tab heading will open a page that allows you to browse different type of publications by using the Content type list on the left-hand side of the Publications page.

Please note that you will remain in the Business Search Interface portal until you either click on the ‘Back to EBSCO Discovery Service’ button or close down this window.

Screen shot of EBSCOhost My Folder

You can set up a personal ‘Folder’ area on EBSCO Discovery Service that essentially allows you to save PDF articles and searches in your own area so that you can quickly retrieve them at a later date.

Clicking on the ‘Sign into my Folder’ heading tab will take you to this page on the left.

Screen shot of EBSCOhost account sign up

If you have not set up an account, simply click on the link beneath the Sign in button that says ‘Create one now’ and fill in the form.

When you return to EBSCO Discovery Service you will be able to sign into your Folder and access any content you have stored there.

Screen shot of Preference settings

Clicking on the Preferences heading tab will allow you to change the language, display of the search results pages and where pages are emailed or saved to. If you have set up an account to access your own folder area and you are signed in, any changes you make to your Preferences settings will be saved for future sessions.

Screen shot of the basic search box

You have the option to run a basic or advanced search, view your search history and a run the citation resolver tool.

To use the basic search simply enter your search terms in the Find field. You can also choose to restrict your results to a Title or an Author search using the drop-down menu to the left of the Find field. Keyword is set as the default option.

Screen shot of Suggested search

As you enter a search term, a list of ‘Popular Terms’ and available ‘Publications’ containing that search term will pop-up beneath the Find field. You can select from one of the prompts or continue to fully enter the term you want and then click on the Search button.

Screen shot of the search options

If you want to use any of the optional Limiters or Expanders, click on the Search Options link.

You can use a specific search mode, such as “Find all of my search terms” or “SmartText Searching”; apply limiters such as Full Text and CIPD Local Collection; or use search options that expand your search, such as “Apply related words”. To close the Search Options, click on the link again.

Click on the Search button to be taken to the list of search results.

Screen shot of Advanced search

Click on the Advanced Search option to select the field types you want to search on so that your search results are more targeted to what you are specifically looking for. Included on this page is the option to amend the Search Modes and select Limiters and Expanders to help you find more precisely what you are looking.

You can perform highly targeted known-item searches using the Citation Resolver. This tool allows you to copy and paste a citation formatted in your preferred style (APA, AMA, Harvard, etc.) into the search box and results will appear in EBSCO Discovery Service. With the information, such as title, author, year, journal, volume, number, etc., you can link directly from one result to related records.

Screen shot of the Search results listing page

At the top of the returned search results list you will see a Research Stater, where available, which provides a brief introduction to the topic you have searched on. Beneath this, your search results will be listed in order of relevance by default. You can switch the sort order so that it displays by newest or oldest article if you prefer.

Clicking on the article title will take you to the article details screen where you can view the bibliographic information and read the abstract. If Full text has been selected as a Limiter you should be able to access the Full Text as a PDF or as an HTML file. You have the option to save the PDF to the Cloud for use at a later date.

You have the option to save the PDF to your Google Drive, Print, Email, Save to your folder on EBSCO Discovery Service (‘Sign into my folder’), Cite, Export and create a Permalink – using the icons to the right-hand side of the document.

To revise or refine your search, you can apply the Limiters under Refine Results, in the left-hand column of your Search results list. Click on the Show More links to view all available Limiters and Expanders. If you click on the Advanced Search link, you are taken to the Advanced Search Screen with your search terms carried forward.

On the CIPD’s EBSCO Discovery Service landing page there are three boxes beneath the Search box. The first two boxes contain direct links through to the individual journal index page for key business, HR and L&D journal and magazine titles so that you can quickly and easily access the latest issues.

Clicking on the Help tab in the navigation will take you to EBSCO Discovery Service’s Support page, which gives you access to help notes and tutorials on how to use the service.

We have created this Top tips guide on using the EBSCO Discovery Service and a section containing video tutorials demonstrating how to carry out effective searches, which are accessible from the button icons beneath the three quick link boxes.

You can contact the CIPD’s Librarian for guidance on using the EBSCO service by using the Contact us link in the primary navigation bar and by clicking on the Ask-A-Librarian icon link.

Search tutorials

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