With more than half of CIPD Ireland Update readers citing 'uncertainty and change' as the biggest issue facing Irish organisations, we are here to support you through this period of change. We will continue to work closely with government and key stakeholders to ensure that your voice is heard as we continue to champion better work and working lives for the benefits of individuals, businesses, economies and society.

The UK left the European Union on 31 January 2020. Although no longer a member of the EU, the Withdrawal Agreement provides for a transition period up to 31 December 2020. During this transition, EU rules and regulations continue to apply to the UK and there are no immediate changes for citizens and businesses in their day-to-day dealings.

From 1 January 2021 the most significant change is that the UK will no longer apply the rules of the Single Market and Customs Union. This means that any business, regardless of size, who moves goods from, to or through Great Britain will be subject to a range of new customs formalities and other regulatory requirements.

The Common Travel Agreement between Ireland and the UK means that Irish and British citizens will remain free to live and work in either jurisdiction and enjoy associated rights and entitlements including access to employment, healthcare, education, social benefits, and the right to vote in certain elections. No action needs to be taken in relation to UK employees who are also UK citizens.

The revised Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland means that no new procedures will apply to goods moving between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

See our HR checklist on leading the Brexit challenge and the Government’s Brexit Readiness Action Plan for business information.

Agreement on continuation of common labour market

With all the debate and confusion, it's good to know that the Government of Ireland and the UK Government have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, reaffirming their commitment to maintaining the Common Travel Area (CTA), in all circumstances after the UK leaves the EU.

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Ireland perspective on Brexit

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Mary Connaughton

Mary Connaughton, Director, CIPD Ireland, provides the Irish perspective on Brexit, the key issues and opportunities to surface, as well as the role of HR, organisations and government.

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