CIPD members can use our expert helplines to receive confidential advice from trained advisers. 

A new employment law helpline provides phone support on all aspects of Irish employment law. The whistleblower advice line is there should members ever find themselves in a dilemma about what to do if they witness wrongdoing in the workplace.

Please assist our helpline staff by having ready:

  • your CIPD membership number
  • any documentation (for example, your contract of employment) relevant to your enquiry

Phone: 1800 812 603

This helpline is provided by Graphite HRM and all consultants have HR and/or employment law qualifications and expertise.

CIPD members have free access to Republic of Ireland employment law regarding specific situations they face in their work including dismissal, discrimination, redundancy, contractual issues and new and impending legislation.

How does it work?

  • It provides CIPD members with a quick check or second opinion on legal issues
  • Employment law advice lines are available 24/7
  • Members’ free call limit for the advice line is 20 calls per year, 25 if you’re a Chartered member.
  • Additional calls at €27.00 plus VAT per call
  • Call duration is uncapped
  • It's a telephone helpline only - no letters, faxes or emails, please
  • Calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes

It does not:

  • offer in-depth help on complex issues
  • provide follow up or ongoing advice on a particular situation
  • provide information for third parties - clients, colleagues, family or friends
  • take the place of your own or your employer's solicitor
1800 is a Freephone number from landlines. Mobile charges may apply depending on the service provider.

Phone: 1800 303 715

We are partnering with Public Concern at Work, the whistleblowing charity and leading authority in the field to offer an enhanced confidential service to our members. We recognise that a career in HR and L&D can place members in awkward situations with no one to talk to. Whistleblowing issues are being raised and this is set to increase now the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 has come into force. This member benefit provides a conduit to the experts to help you through a tricky situation.

The service gives you free access to dedicated 1800 advice line manned by legally trained advisers, overseen by qualified lawyers, should members ever find themselves in a dilemma about what to do if they witness wrongdoing in the workplace. An assigned adviser will provide advice and support on raising a whistleblowing concern which will include a follow up call from PCaW to check on progress.

We’re introducing the advice line at a time when issues of trust, corporate transparency, and the need to protect whistleblowers has risen up the policy and business agendas. This is an issue the CIPD has been working on and will continue to work on with policy makers to address. But the advice line is a more immediate and practical measure to support members.