CIPD membership is an asset to be proud of. It means so much within the HR and L&D community - it shapes your profile and showcases your professional capability.

The value it can bring to your career is significant, especially when it comes to job search and promotion opportunities.

As a CIPD member you:

1. Demonstrate your expertise

You are a professional who has proven ability to apply your knowledge in practice, beyond study and qualifications. You are competent, confident and able to create an impact in the workplace.

'Becoming a Chartered Fellow has given me the validation that over a decade in HR has been productive. It's made me feel very proud and has given me a high level of confidence in my own HR expertise.'

Jason Fowler, Chartered FCIPD

Glynis Ward

‘CIPD Fellowship has changed the way I feel about my own professional status. It gave me pride in what I do. It's given me a sense that I'm not just winging it and that I've got some professional standing behind the decisions that I make.’

Glynis Ward, Chartered FCIPD

2. Build your personal brand

You are boosting your personal brand with a professional designation (the letters after your name) that recognise your experience and expertise. That designation is a badge of professionalism, a recognised stamp of approval that sets you apart when you need it most.

'Getting this professional accreditation definitely makes me stand out in the market right now.'

Anandita Srivastava, Chartered MCIPD

3. Inspire confidence and trust

You are a professional who has met our internationally recognised benchmark for excellence and inspire confidence in your employer, clients and peers.

'Professional recognition is really important because it gives us credibility which helps build trust with the people that we work with.'

Emma Smart, Chartered MCIPD

Symon Irving

‘I feel that being a CIPD member gives me the credibility required within my field, especially when dealing with senior stakeholders.’

Symon Irving, Assoc CIPD

4. Stay current and relevant

You are a professional committed to your own development - learning from the latest CIPD research, and other experienced professionals. You stay on top of the latest trends in the evolving world of HR and L&D, keeping your skills sharp.

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Gillian Barry

Gillian Barry, Chartered MCIPD and L&D Director EMEA, talks about the main benefits of being a CIPD member.

5. Uphold ethical values

You are an ambassador for the profession, acting with integrity, and championing better work and working lives in all you do.

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Debbie Alder - video still

Debbie Alder, Chartered FCIPD and DWP HR Director General, explains what being a Chartered Fellow means for her as a senior HR professional.

Organisations really value the CIPD and being a member is a true mark of professional commitment. When it’s your time to get noticed, CIPD membership will set you apart.