Recognising your contribution to HR and L&D through higher education and research

Academic membership is for individuals engaged in teaching, lecturing and research in the field of HR or L&D. It illustrates expertise in the development and progression of ‘thinking and knowledge’ of the HR and L&D profession and your ability to make an impact in the world of work.

Kevin Haslam

I get a sense of belonging. To something that's big and globally respected… It's also driving the skills agenda through its policy work with Steps Ahead Mentoring and Inspiring the Future.

Kevin Haslam, Academic MCIPD

Programme Leader East Surrey College and Associate at Acacia Learning

Academic membership levels

There are three levels of Academic membership. Each carries a professional designation to recognise their significance.

You are typically an experienced lecturer, tutor or researcher in an HR or L&D subject area. Check yourself against the description of our Academic Associate level.

You are typically an experienced lecturer, senior researcher, recognised in the UK or internationally as an expert in more than one relevant HR or L&D subject area. Check yourself against the description of our Academic Member level.

You are typically a senior academic or research leader, recognised in the UK or internationally as an expert in at least two areas of HR or L&D. Check yourself against the description of our Academic Fellow level.

You will need to renew your membership on the 1 July 2019 (6 months membership) or 1 July 2020 (18 month membership) and 1 July each year after that. Don’t worry, we’ll send you renewal information well before the due date to remind you how much is due. Annual payment will be collected until you advise us otherwise.

Membership Assessment fee Joining fee Membership fee: 1 Jan 19 - 30 Jan 20 (up to 18 months) Membership fee: 1 Jan 19 - 30 Jan 19 (up to 6 months)
Academic Associate £450 £40 £237 £79
Academic Member £550 £40 £276 £92
Academic Fellow £650 £40 £315 £105

Card payments

Fees are presented in Sterling, and card payments will be charged the exchange rate of your financial services provider.

Eurozone Direct Debit

You can set up a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Direct Debit to pay in euros. Please complete our SEPA Direct Debit instruction form and send it with your membership application form.

Direct debit payment amounts are based on our current exchange rate €1.15 = £1 (rate is reviewed quarterly).

Interested in Academic membership?

To be eligible for Academic Membership of the CIPD you need to be an individual working in the field of teaching or research in HRM or an HRM related area. 

To be awarded Academic Membership, you will be formally assessed via face-to-face or Skype Peer Review Discussion with one of our academic assessors who are experienced academics. 

To find out if you would be eligible to apply for academic membership send an up-to-date CV to us at, ensuring that it includes details of the following evidence, with a focus on the last 3-5 years:

  • Your current role
    • Job title
    • Details of what you do in your role and your achievements
    • Outputs of your role so we can see how you are contributing to, defining or leading HR & L&D thinking and knowledge and planning and delivering HR & L&D learning and/or research, together with the contribution you are making to the institution and HRM profession more widely
  • Your previous roles
    • Job titles
    • Details of what you did in those roles and your achievements, ensuring you provide details in particular for any roles held within the last five years; again outlining how your previous roles have aligned to HRM teaching and research
  • Your publications
  • Any speaker roles at conferences
  • Involvement in any other work which demonstrates your contribution to the institution from an HR or L&D perspective, or the HR and L&D profession as a whole

We will review your CV and write to you within 10 working days to confirm your eligibility and advise you on the most suitable level of academic membership to apply at, based on your experience. We will then provide you with full details of the assessment process. 

What's in it for you?

Becoming a member means immediate access to a range of benefits. Look at some of our most popular benefits below, or go to our member benefits page to see the full range.

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