CIPD’s qualifications set the international standard for people professionals.

Our five qualifications will help you kick-start or develop your HR / L&D career or give your teams the knowledge and skills to thrive in a changing professional landscape.

Grounded in expert insights and tailored for every specialism, they’re game-changing for the people profession.

Chosen your qualification? Find a centre now

Choose where to study your qualification from the range of Centres in the UK and internationally. There are two types to choose from. Study Centres offer you the opportunity to enrol in one of the CIPD’s five qualifications from Foundation level through to Advanced level, and follow a core curriculum based on the international standard for people practitioners. Accredited Programme Providers offer you the chance to study a University named award, such as a Degree or a Masters that has been accredited by the CIPD, and aligned to the Profession Map. Whichever route you take, you will receive a membership outcome on successful completion of your qualification. You can compare centre types in more detail by clicking here.

Gain CIPD membership

Once you’re registered for a qualification, you’ll need to join the CIPD as a Student Member from the start of your studies. It’s essential to maintain your Student Membership until your studies are completed. Your CIPD membership and qualification work together to ensure your knowledge is recognised both inside and outside the people profession. We’ll support and encourage you throughout your studies and help you grow in confidence and impact. You’ll have access to extensive resources like our expert research, journals, factsheets, helplines and online communities to build your network.

Successful completion of a CIPD qualification gives you Foundation or Associate Membership of the CIPD, depending on the qualification you completed, and you being in active CIPD Student membership. Successful completion of a CIPD accredited University named award gives you Associate membership of the CIPD, and both CIPD Advanced Diploma qualifications and accredited Postgraduate programmes can also give you the skills and knowledge to apply for Chartered Membership (subject to eligibility).

CIPD membership gives you a badge of professionalism that’s internationally recognised. It showcases your knowledge and impact within the people profession.

Map your purpose

Every qualification is underpinned by our Profession Map.

The Profession Map was developed in collaboration with CIPD members, business leaders, industry experts and partner organisations. Over 19,000 industry experts from around the world of work have contributed to it. This is your chance to tap into that knowledge.

Are you ready to connect to their expertise?