This programme is an exciting opportunity to boost your practitioner skills by building capability and expertise in strategic workforce planning. It will cover strategic workforce planning as an integrated business concept, the tools, data and skills required to embed it in the organisation, the identification of supply and demand factors that can help reduce resourcing gaps, and how to adopt an agile approach so you facilitate the execution of the organisational strategy and gain the tangible benefits derived from SWP based decision-making. 

This programme has 12 modules, spread over a day a week for four weeks, along with learning activities before and after the modules. It is designed for people professionals across all levels involved or interested in improved strategic workforce planning. This is particularly relevant for those working with the business to determine future capability requirements.

Key learning objectives

By the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • apply the insight that can be drawn from strategic workforce planning to improve organisational decision-making and resourcing
  • baseline your organisation and build an adaptive resourcing approach aligned to the organisation’s strategy
  • model and forecast changes to supply and demand and conduct a gap analysis
  • create a strategic workforce plan and execute it to deliver the right workforce for your organisation

Outcomes and benefits

The programme will provide the following outcomes:

  • increased business acumen on the impact of the wider business context within which you operate
  • knowledge of modern business models and trends, and capability to build an alignment between the business strategy and your workforce plans
  • as an advocate for strategic workforce planning, be able to influence key stakeholders
  • understand how to segment data to inform talent decisions and be able to identify the critical roles to deliver your future strategy and to forecast the supply of talent
  • effective use of qualitative and quantitative methods of demand forecasting
  • use of gap analysis and scenario planning to close the gap between the availability of workers and the business need
  • knowledge of the five talent management levers available to you to make change happen
  • how to take an agile approach to planning and deliver a future-focused strategic workforce planning approach to the benefit of your organisation

Programme dates

Virtual classroom sessions will take place on 15, 22, 29 March and 05 April 2023, from 10.00 to 15.00 each day.

Download the full course details below:


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