CIPD short courses give you and your organisation the knowledge, skills and confidence to implement good HR, L&D and people management practices in your workplace. Whether you’re looking for practical, operational know-how or high-level strategic insight, our specialist training offers exceptional learning opportunities on key topics for today’s world.

We are currently finalising the programme schedule to run in Ireland, so please email us at with your details and the course/area that you are interested in and we will get back to you with further details.

Reasons to learn with CIPD:

  • Benefit from CIPD’s unparalleled expertise in HR and L&D.
  • Receive the gold standard in teaching from leading practitioners and experts in the field.
  • Tap into the latest thinking on topical issues from CIPD’s research arm.
  • Attend classes at conveniently located hotels and venues.
  • The best way to fast-track skills development and empower employees.

Developing an employee engagement strategy

Duration: 1 day

Gain the tools and techniques to develop and communicate an effective employee engagement strategy in your organisation.

By the end of the Developing an employee engagement strategy course you will be able to:

  • Evaluate the different approaches to employee engagement, taking into account your own organisation’s brand, values, culture and goals.
  • Develop an employee engagement strategy for your own organisation.
  • Identify key stakeholders vital to the successful implementation of an employee engagement strategy.
  • Describe how to clearly communicate your employee engagement strategy.
  • Understand relevant case studies.

Future focused learning and development

Duration: 2 days

Explore the fundamental shifts in organisational learning with this two-day short course.

The demand for business alignment, the use of data and metrics, influences of neuroscience, the requirement for agile in-the-flow of work learning often using digital-mobile devices, the place for socialised learning and the need for effective learning measurement place an unprecedented need for all L&D functions to transform.

This two-day course explores these fundamental shifts in organisational learning.

Now you know the revolution exists how will you transform your own organisation to be future focused?

This programme is split into eight, research informed, fast paced 90 minute sessions covering the foundations of each key shift in learning and development over two face to face days.

The sessions will be delivered through guided group discussions and give you the opportunity to explore, discover, challenge and discuss new practice and insights with other L&D professionals.

The style of delivery is designed to ‘spark’ your own thinking, giving you future focused inspiration and ideas to take away.

HR as business partner

Duration: 1 day

Develop your skills and progress as a business partner. Discover how to influence stakeholders, build credibility and take your organisation forward, with this one day course.

The HR as business partner course is your gateway to attaining valuable information on how partnering operates in practice, in both public and private sectors. Discover how you can develop and progress as a business partner, either personally or within your organisation.

By the end of the HR as business partner course, you'll be able to:

  • Appreciate the business partnering approach and its key drivers.
  • Identify how business partnering differs from other approaches such as internal consultancy, HR manager or director role.
  • Learn to assess the implications for HR careers and your organisation as a whole.
  • Recognise the attitudes, knowledge and skills required of an HR business partner.
  • Assess your own organisation’s readiness for HR business partnering.
  • Devise strategies for influencing line managers.
  • Develop a personal ‘partnering’ action plan.

HR business partner development - Masterclass

Duration: 3 days

Discover the key competencies needed for HR business partners (HRBPs) today, and develop your skills in building commercial acumen, business savviness, influencing and analytics.

This new three day behavioural-focused Masterclass will help you identify the changing face of HR business partnering, explore key themes for HRBPs today and why these have relevance, and explore key competencies of HRBPs operating in today’s workplace.

You'll have the opportunity to measure your personal effectiveness against those competencies and behaviours as well as discuss key issues such as the need to be insight-led as an HR professional including:

  • An in-depth understanding of business models.
  • The value of being evidence-led to make informed decisions that benefit the organisation.
  • The concept of business value and how HR can add true value by focusing its activities on the key improvement points in a business that disproportionately positively impact on organisational success.
  • The contribution of workplace analytics and drawing insight from data.
  • Critical elements to being an influential partner.
  • The role coaching plays in the profile of the successful HRBP.

By the end of the HRBP development – Masterclass, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the changing face of HR business paternering and how that impacts the function as a whole.
  • Understand the transition that HR business partnering has made and how that has changed perceptions of partnering.
  • Explore key themes for HRBPs today and why these have relevance.
  • Understand the six competencies of HRBPs and measure personal effectiveness against those.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how being insight-led is a critical ingredient to being an effective HRBP and for developing ‘Next Generation HR’.
  • Demonstrate understanding of business drivers and the impact of HR.
  • Understand the business model in depth.
  • Work with evidence based HR and the identify the role of workplace analytics.
  • Develop behaviours which promote influence and impact.
  • Explore the role of the courageous business partner.
  • Analyse why effective influencing is essential for a successful HRBP.
  • Understand the power of brand and credibility.
  • Understand how to identify and map key stakeholders.
  • Identify the elements of influencing and learn to apply these to all stakeholder engagements.
  • Identify when a coaching approach can be applied to courageous conversations.
  • Observe coaching skills in practice.

Digital learning design programme

Duration: 5 days

Gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the creation of digital learning content, including how to effectively analyse, design and develop digital learning initiatives.

On completion of the programme, you’ll be able to:

  • Work effectively with a project sponsor to determine the learning requirements, the characteristics of the target population and the logistical constraints.
  • Determine whether digital learning content will add value, the form(s) that this content should take, and the skills, tools, time and budget required to design and develop the content.
  • Communicate a clear, logical and concise proposal to the project sponsor outlining all of the above.
  • Establish a design and development process that will deliver the content to the required standard within budget and timeframe, ensuring adequate provision for inevitable changes in the light of new information, shifting business needs, developing ideas and learner feedback.
  • Work with subject expert(s) to determine the technical content that needs to be covered, but without surrendering the initiative in terms of design, and always with the needs of the learner in mind.
  • Provide an approved proposal for digital learning content and, in consultation with other specialists, where necessary, develop a design for the content that clearly describes the end product in terms of learning objectives, learning strategies, structure, use of media, technical format, scope/scale and other information needed by the project sponsor and other stakeholders to progress with the development of the content.
  • Write clearly and concisely for screen and voiceover.
  • Create or source suitable imagery (photos, illustrations, diagrams) and perform whatever simple edits are required to suit the intended purpose.
  • Record audio to a high quality and perform simple edits to this audio.
  • Describe the conditions necessary for successful shooting of video material.
  • Create a screencast that clearly explains the use of a software application or website.
  • Effectively combine text, images and other media elements to create slide shows, web pages and PDFs that conform to established design principles.
  • Effectively integrate interactivity into multimedia materials in order to create tutorials and scenarios that conform to established design principles and deliver on their learning objectives.
  • Write test items that validly and reliably test the achievement of specific learning objectives.

But that’s not all! Every course will provide you with a host of opportunities to develop new skills, gain valuable insights and share experiences with other participants.

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