Covers statutory rights to annual leave, public holidays, maternity leave, adoption leave, paternity leave, parental leave, force majeure leave, carer's leave, jury service and redundancy. Also looks at contractual entitlement to compassionate leave and sick leave.

An employee is either at work or on some type of leave. That leave is based on either a statutory or a contractual entitlement. Contractual leave is a matter between the employer and the employee, statutory leave is a matter of law. An employee cannot contract out of their statutory entitlement although there is nothing to prevent an employer and employee agreeing to a greater leave entitlement than that provided in the legislation. The main leave entitlements are summarised below.

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Paternity leave

Paternity leave and benefit came into effect on 1 September 2016. Our guidance advises on what your organisation needs to do other than understand the law, make decisions around how your company will implement it and draw up a policy.

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