13 November 2018

Don’t miss your chance to book onto the CIPD’s one-day seminar “Creating a Culture of Workplace Well-being”, in the stunning surrounds of Dublin’s Conrad hotel, this November 13.

This is your opportunity to engage with thought leaders on the practices and evidence for building a sustainable culture of workplace well-being.

This seminar will also bring you thought leader Prof Cary Cooper, Professor of Organisational Psychology at Alliance Manchester Business School and President of the CIPD, who will address what to do to deal with  organisational cultures and work pressures when they are more powerful in guiding employee behaviour than well-being initiatives.

WALK, a voluntary organisation and CIPD Ireland 2018 Well-being award winner will share how they addressed the issues affecting staff well-being, and connected it to their business strategy, resulting in significant improvement in staff well-being measures.

You'll also learn insights and techniques to show you how to move the dial on employee well-being from:

• Leading body clock expert Dr Annie Curtis of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

• Mindfulness leader Josephine Lynch, of the Mindfulness Centre

• Researcher Robert Murphy of the Department of Health

• Financial well-being expert Charles Cotton of the CIPD

• Suicide or Survive CEO Caroline McGuigan (who work with organisations like SKY, to break the stigma and provide practical tips to manage mental health daily)

• And, Jennifer Grogan of ESB’s Health, Safety and Well-being Function

Download our full Programme: